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We selected an AC drive for pump system. An AC drive, which electronically varies the speed of the motor, allows the pump to run at different speeds depending on the demand for the pump.  In the old system, like most traditional booster pumps, when the pump was needed it had to start up and run at full capacity to help level out any dro in pressure.  And like most machines, starting a motor and ramping it up quickly uses a lot of energy.  With the new AC drive system, the motor can run at a lower speed to correct minimal drops in pressure and only ramp up to full capacity when absolutely needed.

With the ability to vary the speed of the motor by AC drives, a smaller pump, one with a lower horsepower, could be used to handle the job that traditionally needed to be higher horsepower to complete. The old system used two 20 horsepower pumps, while the new ac drive system uses two 7 ½ horsepower pumps.

This new smaller AC drive booster pump system uses much less energy than the old system. The customer expects to save between $7,000 and $9,000 a year in energy costs from this one system. Fine more on our website:

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